Intermittent activity is triggered for Virtual Machines that have variable CPU activity over the past 30 days with typical low usage and occasional peaks of high CPU activity. These Virtual Machines can typically be converted to B-Series Virtual Machines to significantly reduce their cost.

To learn more about B-Series VMs, please read this blog article.


To fit this recommendation, a Virtual Machine must meet the following criteria:

  • CPU activity averages to under 20% over the past 30 days
  • CPU activity does not breach B-Series credit system when verified for each minute over the past 30 days
  • VM is not already B-Series

How to apply

To apply this recommendation, click on "View in Portal" to open the Azure Portal on the correct resource.

Click on "Size" in the menu and select the B-Series size that was recommended by Overcast:

NOTE: B-Series Virtual Machines are not available for Classic Virtual Machines. To apply the recommendation for a Classic Virtual Machine, it must first be migrated to a Virtual Machine (ARM). The migration process is detailed more clearly in this article from Microsoft.

NOTE: If you do not see B-Series Virtual Machines as an option, you can Shut Down (Deallocated) your Virtual Machine and then attempt to change the size again. This will allow the VM to move to another rack where B-Series are available.

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