Blob and General Purpose V2 Storage Accounts can be set to different access tiers. These tiers are Hot, Cool and Archive (currently in preview). Hot storage costs less per operation to read but will cost more for storage. Cool storage will cost less for storage but will cost more each time it is accessed. As such, these two access tiers will be tuned to different usage patterns. By analyzing the usage pattern over the past 30 days, if the alternate tier would cost less, the recommendation is shown. At this time, no recommendations for Archive tier are given as this tier functions very differently from the other two.

NOTE: This recommendation must be investigated properly before being applied. There are costs associated with changing between access tiers and as such, changing frequently should be avoided. Before changing, make sure that the new access tier meets your usage requirements.

You can read more about access tiers in this article by Microsoft.


To trigger this recommendation, a storage account must fill the following criteria:

  • Storage account must have incurred costs in the past 30 days
  • Storage account must have incurred lower costs using an alternate access tier for the same operations over the past 30 days

How to apply

Step 1: To apply this recommendation, click on "View in Portal" to open the Azure Portal on the correct resource.

Step 2: Click on "Configuration" in the menu then select the desired Access tier in the options pane.

Step 3: Click on "Save" in the top header.

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