As a CSP, you can enable your customers to view their Azure usage and costs in Overcast by connecting your Partner Center API details in the Overcast settings.

For Azure customers that get their services through CSPs, the normal APIs to recover billing, usage and cost information are not available. This is because all of the monetary side of Azure is handled through the CSP. As such, Overcast cannot recover cost information directly from Azure. The solution is for CSPs to connect Overcast to the Partner Center in order to allow Overcast to recover the cost information.

When displaying cost information, Overcast displays costs based on the retail price sheet. Actual prices for customers may vary based on the agreement with their CSP.


In order to connect Overcast to the Partner Center, you must first purchase a Large Business plan for your organization. This enables all features of Overcast for your organization and allows you to connect Overcast to the Partner Center and enable Overcast for all of your customers.

For your customers that are on the Small Business plan, they will have access to all of Overcast's features at no extra cost. For customers on the Large Business plan, they will also need to purchase an Overcast license to unlock all features for their organization. This purchase can either be performed by the CSP or by the customer, as preferred.

Steps to Connect Overcast to the Partner Center

The first step is to recover the Partner Center API details from the Microsoft partner portal dashboard at

From there, click on the Settings icon in the top menu bar and select "User management". From the "Account settings" click on "App management". On that screen, recover the values for App ID, Domain and click on "Add key" to create an access key. Make sure to copy the value of the newly created key.

In Overcast, click on the Settings icon at the bottom left of the screen and click on "Connect as CSP". 

NOTE: You must have purchased a license of Overcast in order to unlock access to all of your customers. If you haven't done so yet, a prompt will invite you to purchase.

In the connection prompt, enter the App ID, App Secret and Domain then click on "Connect". Your information will be validated and the connection will then be estab

Once the connection is established, Overcast will automatically recover your customers and associate your connection with their account. This will enable them to access Overcast. This list is updated automatically every day but you can force the update by returning to the CSP settings and clicking on the "Update now" link.

NOTE: By default, the App Secret is only valid for 1 year. You will need to return to the CSP settings screen and update the App Secret periodically to enable your customers to continue using Overcast.

If you wish to remove access to Overcast for all of your customers, you can click on the "Disconnect" button. Your customers will no longer be able to use Overcast until you connect again.

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